Immersive Education Groups

Immersive Education Groups


Immersive Education standards are developed through Technology Working Groups (TWGs) chaired by faculty, administrators, and researchers. TWGs develop, deliver and maintain technological materials such as technical reports, design documents, specifications, reference implementations, software implementations, conformance test suites, best practices, curricula, usage guides and reviews of deliverables produced by other TWGs.

TWG participation is open to all members of the Immersive Education Initiative. Any member can submit a proposal to the Director to form a new TWG.

To participate requires that a member is in good standing, adheres to the open and royalty free Intellectual Property Policy, and follows the TWG process set forth in the Immersive Education Initiative Process Document.


Community Groups (CGs) are community-driven groups focused on specific aspects of Immersive Education (such as specific platforms, standards, best practices, and so forth), general topics of interest, or course-related subjects (e.g., Language Learning, Physical Education, Religion, Architecture, Biology, Physics, Health, Law, Social Studies, etc.). 

Unlike TWGs, Community Groups do not follow a charter and therefore have no concrete mandates or deliverables. In contrast, TWGs are formal standards groups. 

Community Groups can be thought of as affinity groups, special interest groups (SIG) or birds of a feather (BoF). Community Groups are ad-hoc groups that have no formal leadership (or fluid ad-hoc leadership), and may be started at any time by any member of the Immersive Education Initiative. Any member can submit a proposal to the Director to form a new CG.

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