Google Announces Virtual Reality "Daydream" Headset, Controllers and Ecosystem

2016-05-18: Google today revealed its new Virtual Reality (VR) headset and motion controller and "Daydream" VR platform for Android phones and tablets. The new devices and platform are expected to be widely used for immersive learning and other forms of Immersive Education.

Google Announces Virtual Reality

The Verge — Google reveals plans for new VR headset and motion controller: At its annual I/O developer conference today, Google is showing off a reference design for a new virtual reality headset that builds on the success of the Cardboard unit it launched back in 2014. The headset is part of Google's new Daydream initiative, a mobile VR platform baked into Android N. As with Android, Google wants its hardware partners to build and sell their own Daydream devices. And in a surprise move, Daydream's system doesn't just use a headset — it also features a new kind of control system for mobile VR… <more>

Fortune Magazine — Inside Daydream, Google’s New VR Ecosystem: The effort starts with Android. Google’s mobile operating system has been rebuilt to accommodate the additional sensors, graphics, and component prioritization that modern VR technology requires. It also better integrates the rest of the phone’s operations with the VR experience (for ­example, you can now receive a text message in VR while wearing a viewer). The effort extends to Google’s revamped VR hardware. David Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, recalls walking into Bavor’s pop-up lab in Mountain View as his team tinkered with microchips, fabrics, plastics, and sensors to build scores of ­prototypes—100 in all—for a new viewer and controller. "There were wires and computers hanging everywhere," Burke says...<more>

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