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Intellectual Currency

Knowken®, short for Knowledge Token®, is a digital participation and achievement token that is awarded to learners in exchange for intellectual achievements. 

Knowken® digital tokens can be considered to be "Intellectual currency" and, as such, may be used to pay for conferences, training and certification programs, camps, clubs, Minecraft accounts & servers, and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, 360 degree VR cameras, VR and gaming graphics cards (GPUs), and more.

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Knowken® Store

Knowledge Token (Knowken) logo

Every product in the Knowken® Store can be purchased entirely with Knowledge Token incentive and reward tokens, US Dollars, or any combination of US Dollars and Knowledge Tokens. Participants in Immersive Education clubs (iED Clubs) and camps (iED Camps) are authorized to sell their own items in the Knowken® Store.

How do Knowkens "work"?

Knowkens are digital incentive, participation and reward tokens that are issued in amounts that correspond to the amount or units of knowledge, skills and/or credits that learners earn through the successful completion of tasks and activities using digital software (i.e., websites, software applications, mobile apps, etc.) and/or non-digital means such as traditional non-digital classes or courses, hands-on training, pencil-and-paper assignments and examinations, etc.

Upon the successful completion of a specified task or activity the corresponding quantity of Knowken® digital tokens are created and issued via software programs that run on specially configured Internet server computers. The software responsible for creating, issuing and managing the tokens runs on the "server-side" and, as such, is not visible or accessible to end users (the software can not be downloaded to a computer or mobile device, for example, since it runs on specially configured Internet server computers that aren't visible or accessible to end users). In this way the entire process of creating, issuing and managing Knowken® digital tokens is entirely transparent and invisible to the end user.

Learners who have earned Knowkens can redeem them for goods through the online "Knowken® Store" and other online websites that are authorized to interface with end users for such purposes.

For more information, and a visual depiction, request a PDF copy of the Knowken® Process here.

Knowken® Interview

Learn about the Knowken® incentivization and reward system in this Magazine of the International Child Art Foundation interview with Immersive Education Initiative Director Aaron E. Walsh.

Learn To Earn

In 2014 the Immersive Education Initiative established the "Learn to Earn" program and Global Education Scholarship,  for which the Knowken® is a corresponding digital participation and achievement token that is awarded to learners in exchange for intellectual achievements.

Find out more about Learn to Earn here.

Italian Ministry of Education

In 2017 the Immersive Education Initiative announced that it would issue Knowkens to individuals who try the hands-on exhibits at IMMERSIVE ITALY in Lucca, Italy. The free (no cost) public exhibits included Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard VR, Apple Augmented Reality, HTC VIVE, United States National Park Service VR, 3D printing, and drones.

The IMMERSIVE ITALY conference is organized by the international non-profit Immersive Education Initiative in direct collaboration with INDIRE, the research division of the Italian Ministry of Education. Founded in 1925, INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) is the Italian Ministry of Education's oldest and most highly regarded educational research organization and is considered the benchmark for educational research in Italy.

Learn more here and visit the official Immersive Italy Summit site here.

Australian Students Earn Knowkens!

In 2019 the Immersive Education Initiative announced that Wooranna Park Primary School (Wooranna PPS), located in Victoria, Australia, would expand the Knowken® incentive and reward program that the school began the previous year (2018).

Learn more about how these Australian students are earning Knowkens here and here.

Knowken® TWG

Immersive Education standards are developed through Technology Working Groups (TWGs) chaired by faculty, administrators, and researchers. TWGs develop, deliver and maintain technological materials such as technical reports, design documents, specifications, reference implementations, software implementations, conformance test suites, best practices, curricula, usage guides and reviews of deliverables produced by other TWGs.

Apply to join the Knowken® Technology Working Group (KNO.TWG) here.

Boston Scavenger Hunt 

[ARCHIVED EVENT  Collect Knowken® digital participation and achievement tokens as you explore the city of Boston through this unique Augmented Reality (AR) educational experience. Get started here.

Claim Your Knowkens!

[ARCHIVED EVENT  Claim your Knowken® digital participation and achievement tokens here.