Hands-on Open Houses : iED Spaces

Immersive Education Learning Spaces (iED Spaces) are three-dimensional learning environments that enable students, teachers and learning pods (groups) to meet together in private and secure learner-themed virtual spaces. iED Spaces can be entered using desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobiles phones, and Virtual Reality headsets.

Dive In!

Join your fellow educators "in space" (in iED Spaces) for hands-on immersive (virtual) tours as you learn how teachers, trainers and learners around the world are using immersive learning spaces to advance education at all levels. A variety of hands-on open house tours will be offered this year, covering a wide range of educational applications of iED Spaces. Sign up now to receive notifications of upcoming iED Spaces open house events.


Learn more about iED Spaces via the official iED Spaces portal.