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iED Clubs & Camps

Immersive Education (iED) Clubs and Camps engage learners of all ages and levels (K-12, college, university and corporate professionals) using a range of immersive learning technologies. iED Clubs and Camps may focus exclusively on the use of one specific form of immersive learning technology (such a Virtual Reality, Minecraft, or Scratch, for example) or any combination of technologies.

Immersive Education technologies "immerse" and engage learners in a way that is not possible with traditional teaching and training methods. Virtual reality (VR), virtual worlds, game-based learning systems, simulations, augmented reality (AR), fully immersive environments (such as caves and domes), creative computing systems, holograms, personal robotics and drones, and 3D printing are among the Immersive Education technologies that elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and companies around the world are using to fundamentally change the way students and employees learn.

iED Clubs and Camps may be integrated directly into existing classes and curricula (offered as part of your normal school day) and professional work days, or they may be offered at lunch-time, after-school, on weekends or over the summer.