Immersive Learning Spaces

Immersive Education Learning Spaces (iED Spaces) are three-dimensional learning environments that enable students, teachers and learning pods (groups) to meet together in private and secure learner-themed virtual spaces. iED Spaces can be entered using desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobiles phones, and Virtual Reality headsets. These unique and deeply engaging learning environments are used to remotely teach classes, conduct tutoring sessions, assemble study groups, and facilitate cultural exchanges and related social activities.

Clubs and Camps

iED Clubs & Camps

Immersive Education (iED) Clubs and Camps engage learners of all ages and levels (K-12, college, university and corporate professionals) using a range of immersive learning technologies. iED Clubs and Camps may focus exclusively on the use of one specific form of immersive learning technology (such a Virtual Reality, Minecraft, or Scratch, for example) or any combination of technologies.