Immersive Education news from the year 2011 includes:

Early registration for the 1st European Immersive Education Summit (iED Summit) is now open. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid will host the two-day iED Summit from 28th to 29th November 2011 in Madrid, Spain. Organized specifically for educators, researchers, and administrators, the European iED Summit consists of presentations, papers and demonstrations that provide attendees with an in-depth overview of immersive learning technologies, platforms and techniques. The European iED Summit is open to the global academic community and experts in immersion, virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality.

The Immersive Education Initiative (iED) today announced a formal collaboration with the Internet2 K20 Initiative, an activity within the Internet2 advanced networking consortium led by the U.S. research and education community. The collaboration, announced today by iED Director Aaron E. Walsh during the Fall 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting, establishes three initial areas of engagement between the two organizations.

The Immersive Education Initiative's K-12 Technology Working Group (K12.TWG) has issued an open invitation to all iED members to attend any of the group's weekly virtual meetings starting in October (every Wednesday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time Zone USA). The first four immersive learning environments to be presented and toured are: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Lab, Rocket World Earth, Moon, Mars and Stars (EMMS), NASA Moonbase Alpha, and Scratch.

The Oregon Chapter of Immersive Education (iED Oregon) has announced that the 3rd Annual Oregon iED Days (OiED) will run October 20-22. OiED will be held at Oregon State University and will feature projects hosted by virtual learning leaders from institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, and other agencies statewide. The Oregon Immersive Education Days presentations and activities will all be open to the public and free to attend for those registered. Educators, researchers and administrators will give a series of live and virtual presentations, providing attendees with an overview of Immersive Education and how virtual worlds and game-based learning technologies are used in and out of the classroom today.

The Immersive Education Initiative has issued an open call for the first European Immersive Education Summit (iED Summit). Universidad Carlos III de Madrid will host the two-day iED Summit from 28th to 29th November 2011 in Madrid, Spain. The European iED Summit is organized by the newly formed European Chapter of the Immersive Education Initiative (iED Europe) and builds on the success of previous iED Summits. The call for papers, posters, and presentations is open to the global academic community and experts in immersion, virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality.

2011-05: European Chapter of Immersive Education Initiative Launched at iED 2011
During his opening statements at iED 2011 earlier this month, Aaron E. Walsh, Director of the Immersive Education Initiative, announced the creation of a new European Chapter and Board of Governors. Chapters, such as iED Europe, constitute the geographically distributed structure of the Initiative through which regional and local members are supported and enriched. Chapters organize officially sanctioned iED Summits, workshops, collaborations, seminars, lectures, forums, meetings, technical groups, technical work items, research, and related activities.

2011-04: iED 2011 Keynote -- NASA Learning Technologies
NASA Learning Technologies will be the opening keynote at the Immersive Education 2011 Boston Summit (iED 2011). The keynote address examines the current and rapid transition from "virtual" to "immersive" education. At iED 2011 NASA's Moonbase Alpha will officially become a Rocket World learning module. Rocket World, launched by the Initiative on the 40th anniversary of the first moonwalk, is a comprehensive immersive learning framework and core immersive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curricula designed to inspire and educate a new generation of scientists, engineers and researchers through the novel application of next-generation learning technology.

2011-03: Immersive Education 2011 Summit (iED 2011) Announced
The Immersive Education Initiative has opened registration for iED SUMMIT 2011 ("iED 2011"). Boston College will host the three-day Summit from May 13-15. Speakers at past iED Summits have included faculty, researchers, and administrators from Grid Institute, Boston College, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford, Loyola, The Smithsonian, U.S. Department of Education, NASA, Federation of American Scientists (FAS), Duke University, Temple University, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, Cornell University, Amherst College, Boston Library Consortium, South Park Elementary School, Boston Media High School, Turner Broadcasting, Open Wonderland Foundation, realXtend (Finland), The MOFET Institute (Israel), University of Aizu (Japan), Keio University (Japan), National University of Singapore, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), University of Essex (UK), Coventry University (UK), Giunti Labs (Italy) and European Learning Industry Group, Open University (UK), and more.

2011-02: K-12 Group Announced by Immersive Education Initiative
The Immersive Education Initiative today announced that it will officially launch its K-12 Technology Working Group (K12.TWG) on February 24th. The K-12 group will launch with live events in Colorado and Kansas, followed by virtual launch events on The Education Grid in early March. The Initiative's K-12 Technology Working Group is chartered to define, evolve and maintain a range of immersive learning experiences (virtual worlds, learning games, simulators and mixed/augmented learning experiences), best practices, guides, tutorials and communities of support for primary and secondary education.

2011-01: Immersive Education 2010 In Review
The Immersive Education Initiative today released a summary of the year 2010 in review, organized into three categories: 1) Notable Events and Activities, 2) Notable "Inside Scoop" Twitter items, and 3) Notable iED Member Discussions. The Initiative's year in review is a summary of annual progress made by the non-profit international collaboration of universities, colleges, research institutes, consortia and companies that are working together to define and develop open standards, best practices, platforms, and communities of support for virtual reality and game-based learning and training systems. Thousands of faculty, teachers, researchers, staff, administrators and students are members of the Immersive Education Initiative.

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