Minecraft students in 1st International Immersive Cultural Exchange

MELBOURNE and BOSTON — Nov. 24, 2015

Students in Melbourne Australia and Boston Massachusetts take part in the world's 1st international Minecraft cultural exchange

Immersive Education (iED) students from Boston's Saint John School (SJS) today take part in the world's 1st international Minecraft cultural exchange with iED students from Melbourne, Australia. The event takes place at 11pm GMT today (6pm Boston, 10am Melbourne) and will be featured at Openworld this weekend and upcoming Immersive Education conferences.

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During the cultural exchange iED students from Australia's Wooranna Park Primary School will host iED Boston students. The students will gather virtually in both the historic Dandenong Market and prestigious Royal Society of Victoria concept spaces that were recreated in Minecraft by the Australian students this year as learning activities in their Immersive Education club.

The iED Australian students will guide iED Boston students through Minecraft renditions of the marketplace and green space concept designs.  During the virtual tour students from Boston will learn the cultural and historic significance of Dandenong Market, the Royal Society of Victoria, and Australia. Students and their iED Club teachers will discuss architecture and design, and conclude the cultural exchange by playing head-to-head Minecraft games with their iED counterparts from the other side of the globe.

Later this year the Boston students will, in turn, give the Australian students virtual tours of the immersive Boston Freedom Trail sites that the Boston students recreated in Minecraft. The cultural exchange includes Minecraft renditions of Boston's historic Old North Church, Paul Revere's house, and the Boston Tea Party.

Following today's inaugural event a full complement of immersive cultural exchanges will be open to all Immersive Education clubs and camps, and will feature immersive Virtual Reality (VR) using Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Sony Gear VR, and other VR headsets.

Photos and videos will be appear on Immersive Education's official Facebook page (https://facebook.com/ImmersiveEducation) and web site at http://ImmersiveEducation.org/news

Immersive Education Minecraft Australia Students photo


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