IMMERSION 2014 sponsored by Disney, Smithsonian and Target

LOS ANGELES, CA — May 08, 2014

Sponsored by Disney, Smithsonian and Target, IMMERSION 2014 features Disney Animation Studios, Smithsonian, Google, Microsoft, Stratasys, Oculus, Oracle, Bitcoin and more. Interviews and complementary media and press passes are available upon request

Disney "Frozen" keynote at IMMERSION 2014

LOS ANGELES, CA — April 9, 2014

Drawing on her work on Frozen, Katie Fico will explain how stereo 3D is used as a storytelling tool today what we expect to see and experience in future Disney films

IMMERSION 2014 Global Summit Announced

LOS ANGELES, CA — March 17, 2014

Building on the success of the previous 8 years of Immersive Education (iED) conferences, the world's leading experts in immersion convene June 6-8 in Los Angeles California for IMMERSION 2014.