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Minecraft is an "open sandbox game" that revolves around the deceptively simple concept of breaking and placing blocks in a virtual world. When Minecraft was first released in 2011 most players spent the majority of their time building structures, such as houses and castles, to protect themselves against monsters that come out at night. But in time players began working together to create wonderfully complex and imaginative worlds and digital machines.

An official Immersive Education Creative Computing platform, Minecraft enables new forms of learning for a new generation of learners.

In the hands of a certified Immersive Education teacher, Minecraft is a powerful and compelling instructional technology that immerses learners in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Architecture, and Mathematics (immersive STEAM, aka iSTEAM).

Educators with advanced Immersive Education certifications can use Minecraft to teach core concepts in electrical engineering (EE), computer science (CS), computer graphics (CG) and computer-aided design (CAD).

Immersive Education Minecraft classes and clubs teach learners of all ages how to think logically and solve problems scientifically while creatively expressing themselves through 3D artistry, engineering and programming. An optional "3D Printing" module lets students to print out their creations so that they can actually hold their creations in their hands.

Minecraft can be considered to be a highly sophisticated immersive alternative to Legos that includes circuits, levers, switches, pistons, sensors, repeaters, and comparators. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can build with Minecraft.

Following are just a few of the many creations that have already been built with Minecraft:

  • Computer CPUs (Central Processing Units) and information storage devices
  • Mechanical computers and Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) based on MIT textbook schematics
  • Rube Goldberg machines
  • Electrical circuits
  • Standard, scientific and graphing calculators
  • Roller coasters, elevators and drawbridges
  • Spacecraft (such as space shuttles and rockets)
  • Museums and libraries
  • Replicas of works of arts
  • Original works of art
  • Sensors and traps
  • Jukeboxes, music players and music machines
  • Painting and drawing games

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iED Minecraft after-school, lunchtime and weekend clubs and camps are available to schools, homeschools and companies. For details visit the iED Clubs and Camps page.


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